Administrative Team: The Administrative Team works in connection with the Pastor in overseeing the daily operation of the church and the planning and execution of special events.


Children’s Church: The Children’s Church works with all youth, 11 years and younger, to learn the fundamentals of the doctrines of salvation, living a holy life, prayer, and fasting. Contact: Elect Lady Deena McGhee




ayers 2Christian Education Department: The Christian Education Department educates and inspires its students through biblically-sound teaching, which promotes as well as provides learning and enhancement for Christian living. Contact: Minister Latoya Ayers




Deacons: The Deacons provide oversight and support for the congregation during worship services, special events, and the ordinances of Baptism. Contact: Deacon Charles Young





First Family Committee: The First Family Committee plans and executes yearly appreciation services which are designed to encourage the Pastor and his family. Contact: Minister Pamela Kennie




Health Professionals: The Health Professionals prayerfully serve the body by administering emergency first aid and promoting health and well-being among members as well as the community through education.  Contact: Sister Ocean Richardson




Hospitality: The Hospitality Ministry purposes to make everyone feel welcome at the Church of the Apostolic Authority.  We also ensure that new members become acclimated to CAA, as they continue to mature in their faith. Contact: Sister Ovita Odom




Men’s Ministry: The Men’s Ministry works to promote fellowship and spiritual growth among all men. We purpose to provide training and mentorship through the teaching of Biblical principles. Contact: Brother Bill Dixon



Ministerial Alliance: The Ministerial Alliance is comprised of men and women who have acknowledged a divine call to minister the gospel.  We help support the vision of our pastor while serving the body of Christ.  CAA ministers are trained in all facets of the Word to cultivate ministerial excellence. Contact: Evangelist Melinda Elam




Ministers’ & Deacons’ Wives: The purpose of the Ministers’ and Deacons’ Wives Auxiliary is to unite wives of Ministers and Deacons in a common fellowship of support.  These women are encouraged by addressing issues that confront wives as well as promote personal growth through various meetings and programs. Contact: Lady Deena McGhee




a-young2Missionary & Women’s Ministry:  The Missionary & Women’s Ministry consists of a collective group of women, united in efforts to develop their body, soul, and spirit through life application of the Word. We support ministry efforts aimed at savings souls, rescuing the perishing, and caring for the lost. Contact: Evangelist Alissia Young




Sick & Shut-In/Bereavement: The Sick & Shut-In/Bereavement Ministry  provides support, prayer, and  encouragement to God’s people during times of illness, hospitalization and in times of loss of a loved one. This Ministry also provides assistance with funeral arrangements, if needed. Contact: Sister Melinda Jenkins




Single’s Ministry: The Singles Ministry equips and empowers singles to become well-rounded Kingdom seekers during their time of singleness.  The Single’s Ministry also promotes educational seminars, workshops and worship services that are aimed at Christ-centered fellowship with other singles.   Contact: Sister LaToya Ayers




Sons of Issachar: The Sons of Issachar trains young men (ages 10-18) to seek to please God and to develop a relationship with God that is held in the highest regard.  The Sons of Issachar are led to be passionate about their service to God, loving God and the Body of Christ, and witnessing to the lost through prayer. Contact: Brother Ricky Greer




Transportation Ministry:  The Transportation Ministry provides transportation to CAA members and visitors to all worship services. Contact: Minister Melvin Richardson




Ushers:  The Ushers provide the ministry of greeting, seating, and accommodating the overall comfort of worshippers in the house of the Lord.  Ushers maintains order in the sanctuary to allow the work of the ministry to flow effectively. Members are also trained and taught to become more proficient servants. Contact: Minister Lisa Fielder



CAA Choirs
: The choirs of CAA help create an atmosphere of worship & praise and prepare the way for the preached Word through song. Currently we have 5 choirs: Combined Choir, Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir, Young People’s choir & Children’s Choir. Contacts: Sister Rosheema Dixon, Evangelist Melinda Elam, Minister Andrew Robicheaux, Sister Jennifer Jenkins, Lady Deena McGhee


Working In Authority Young (W.I.A.Y.) Ladies: The W.I.A.Y. Ladies is a  mentoring program, which is aimed at teaching young ladies (6-14), how to conduct themselves in the church, at school and at home. The W.I.A.Y. Ladies are also engaged in seminars, group discussions, and special outings to help them understand the importance of caring for others and serving the community.


Worship Team: The Worship Team prayerfully and skillfully leads the congregation to encounters with the presence of the Lord and empower the body through singing biblically-based worship music.


Youth Ministry
: The Youth Ministry unifies and empowers young people (12-38) to walk in the will and purpose of God. The Youth Ministry consists of a group of young people on “fire” for God.  The Youth Ministry provides training to all young people to seek to please God in all that they do, as well as hold their relationship with God in the highest regard. Contact: Brother Alandis Thomas